Our Growth
Thai Metals was founded in 1984 and was one of the first wholly Thai owned extrusion companies in Thailand. Initially the company traded exclusively in the architectural field providing extrusions for further processing into doors & windows by other local companies. Over the intervening years the application of extrusions manufactured by Thai Metals has expanded into dozens, perhaps hundreds of other industries. Significant amongst these applications are heat sinks, electric motor bodies, measuring instruments, lighting poles curtain walling, ladders and motor vehicle components to mention but a few.
In addition to providing the hardware, Thai metals also provides a number of services to its customers. The company advises customers on the best use of aluminium extrusions, on the best alloys and tempers to use as well as advising on design of extrusion shapes for best manufacture and economy.The largest service is probably anodising and Thai metals has two anodising plants, the latest of which is one of the most modern in South East Asia. Another very substantial service is semi-fabrication, and in some cases even complete manufacture. Sections are cut to length with extreme accuracy and quality of cut. Semi-fabrication can also include bending, drilling, punching and milling etc, so that parts can be introduced into other assembly operations without further work. Lengths as short as 10 mm can be provided with a cut accuracy of _ 0.15 mm.

Developing World Class Quality Standards
We believe that we are among the industrial leaders in Thailand today, partly reflected in the fact that the company was awarded the internationally acclaimed ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard Certification in respect of our entire manufacturing processes. This is in line with Thai Metalís maxim: ìTo improve Quality, ensure Punctual Delivery, and Continuous Development with utmost effort to meet specific requirements at the lowest cost that will retain a high level of Customer Satisfaction.

Building a Relationship
Our policy has always been to build a lasting relationship of mutual trust and reliability with all our customers. Trust from the high quality of our goods and the knowledge we will do our best to meet delivery schedules at the most competitive cost, and reliability from our comprehensive range of customer-oriented services.
Proof of the success of this policy can be observed from our ever-expanding customer base. Besides a vibrant local market, we also supply customers throughout Southeast Asia, as well as securing substantial accounts in Europe, America and Autralia.
Well-known brand names in our customer base include Toyota, Stanley Works, Mitsubishi and Ford/Mazda.
With the continued support of our suppliers and the commitment of our workforce we look forward to the challenges of this dynamic and highly competitive industry, by assuring our many customers of the highest quality standards and keenest costs at all times in the future.