Aluminium, A Better Alternative

 Aluminium existence was first established in 1808. Many years of research and development was spent to unveil its power and turn the metal into one of the most viable commercial material for various uses.
Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the EarthÝs crust and constitutes 7.3% by mass so it is a sustainable material. At the current primary aluminium production level, known bauxite reserves will last for hundreds of years. More than 55 per cent of the world's aluminium production is powered by renewable hydro-electric power. Products made from aluminium can be recycled repeatedly to produce new products. The increasing use of recycled metal saves both energy and mineral resources needed for primary production. **

Aluminium Advantages
    Light but strong
    High in strength-to-weight ratio
    Corrosion resistant
    Heat and electrically conducting
    Non-toxic and non-combustible
    Suitable for a wide range of finishes
    Easy to fabricate
    Joinable by various methods

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